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Farid Hashemi provides a wealth of knowledge in total body wellness.

Bodyweight Training

Controlling and manipulating the body through space. Master the most important tool you have been given.

Weight Training

Strength, power, physique and muscle mass through the use of weighted equipment.

Performance / Athletic Training

Power. Speed. Agility. Skills.

Prehab, Rehab, Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention

Preparing and strengthening the most vulnerable links of the body. Decrease your pain and risk of injury.

Wim Hof breathing & cold training

The ultimate control and power over body and mind.


Lose fat, gain muscle, improve your health and energy with a scientifically based program.

Weight Loss

Healthy and sustainable weight loss incorporating nutrition and exercise.

Boxing/ Kickboxing

Proper boxing/ kickboxing lessons to improve coordination, body composition, cardio, and decrease stress all while learning to defend yourself.

Education & Certifications

Wim Hof Certified Instructor and Trainer
Farid Hashemi

The phenomenal power of breathing, cold exposure, and mindset


The secret weapon of the best athletes and strongmen in the world

Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Ground based calisthenics and bodyweight movement


The best science and research backed nutrition program


The gold standard in assessing movement patterns


Suspension Trainer using leverage, gravity and bodyweight

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After two major car accidents resulting in multiple disc herniations and numbness throughout my arms and legs, I was unable to undertake strenuous exercise let alone walking for a long period of time. Once my doctor gave me the all clear to do moderate and restricted exercise I contacted The Naked Warrior. I needed a trainer who would understand my limitations, but also assist in my rehabilitation and return to exercise. I knew that if I trained on my own I would risk further injury so I needed to have appropriate training planned and a person to monitor me.

Farid helped tailor the sessions to meet my specific rehabilitation needs. He clearly put a lot of time into designing the sessions which were full of variety. Farid challenged me within my injury capabilities but made sure there was no risk of damage to my back. He has a thorough understanding of how the body works and I still managed to work up a sweat even with limited movement. I left each session feeling exhilarated.

I highly recommend Farid as a Personal Trainer. The professionalism and passion for what he does is second to none. Thanks to his assistance my doctor was stunned with my improvement and after only a couple of months with Farid, I was strong enough to undertake running and playing basketball again after hearing from multiple doctors that I would never be able to play again.

Sam D
Fred is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to anyone. I've been training with Fred for over a month now, and I can truly say that I'm pleased, not only with my results, but with his training methods. It's not the typical gym routine where you're working on 1 or 2 muscles a day, doing 3 sets of 10. In one session with Fred, he makes you use every muscle in your body, and a lot of times with just the use of your own body weight, nothing more. I guarantee you'll be tired by the end of each session. Fred focuses on what your body needs to preserve and protect itself against injury and pain, as he's more interested in your body's longevity, while at the same time transforming it into or maintaining a nice physique. It's always different when someone loves what they do and that's Fred. He's very passionate about his craft, and when it comes to his clients, he goes over, above, and beyond. His knowledge, positive attitude, patience, and motivational skills make him a great teacher. He's very personable and spends quality time with you, learning about your likes, dislikes, and habits, all which help him to create a program that produces the most effective and successful results. All goals are attainable with Fred. His training encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. When I first started, I weighed 170. No matter how much I worked out on my own, I couldn't get past that number. My ultimate goal is to be at 185. After 2 weeks of training with Fred, I shot up to 175, and couldn't believe it. Fred's training works. He's the real deal!
Sahand Derakhshan
Working out with Farid is a such a treat! He is a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition, and tailors each workout to exactly what I need for that day. He doesn't like excuses, and will find a way to modify, or work around any injury I have, or weakness I perceive! I have not only become physically stronger working with him, but mentally stronger, too…because he doesn't let me quit until the job is done! He's also created a fitness class for the employees at my job. Everyone looks forward to the class, though we know we will be exhausted when we leave and sore the next day! Farid’s “ninja breathing” techniques have taught me so much about how to better regulate my oxygen intake. It’s amazing how many more reps I can do after the breathing exercises!
Jillian Esby
Farid is by far the best trainer out there! He is so encouraging and inspiring with an incredible wealth of knowledge in fitness and whole body wellness. Every session with him pushes me further than I ever thought I could go! I am stronger, more confident, and more motivated than ever before. Farid makes training an awesome physical challenge yet enlightening and fun! I am always so excited to train with The Naked Warrior!
Amira Brydan
Farid is simply the best! Not only is he positive and encouraging, but he designs smart, efficient and fun workouts. I appreciate the time he takes to tailor each exercise to our small group’s abilities and how he looks out for form to ensure we are mastering each move before moving on. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
Dana Berlin
I've been attending group sessions with Farid for about 12 weeks now, and the experience has been amazing! He starts off each workout with a special breathing exercise that gets you totally revved up and ready for the challenge ahead…and I do mean challenge! While each person works out at their own fitness level, believe me, he will notice if things are getting too easy for you and will challenge you to to push harder. He’s also very attentive, even in a group setting...he’s always there to correct your form (and notice if you’re trying to cheat your workout :)
Christie VanSkike
I have taken a fitness class from Farid for the last several months and really enjoyed working with him during each session. I have been consistently impressed and motivated by his style of training. Though I attend a group training session, he always is able to tailor the instruction to what we each need as individuals. From the first session, he evaluated what I personally needed to do to strengthen and improve and was able to give me good tips and strategies. He often modifies what he was asking the group for me personally to give me an more individualized workout, which makes me more successful. He is always very knowledgable and gives clear explanations about why we need to do the specific exercises and which muscles or areas of the body are targeted. He integrates new knowledge and tries new things that he has learned in his own training to make our workouts even better. His workouts are varied, interesting and challenging and his personal style is warm and encouraging yet always motivating each of us to push ourselves and do our very best. I highly recommend him as a trainer!
Karye Luppen
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