We are big fans of bodyweight training, calisthenics, gymnastics and Animal Flow.  We believe that learning to use, and mastering ones own body is the most important part of physical training.  The benefits of using ones own body to train are numerous:

  • Safe progressions for any level
  • Efficiency in training multiple aspects (flexibility, mobility, strength, physique, coordination, core strength)
  • Fast fat loss through using the entire body for resistance and leverage
  • Increase strength and mobility of joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Perform awesome feats of strength and coordination
  • Increase balance, stability and body awareness
  • Combination of strength training and cardiovascular training
  • Fun, challenging, and always something new to accomplish
We take clients that can’t hang from a bar to doing full range of motion pull-ups.  Those that have knee injuries to single leg pistol squats. Limited wrist mobility and pain to handstands.
Calisthenics, from the greek words for “beautiful strength”.  A fitting description for a training modality that develops a proportional physique worthy of the greek gods themselves.  Manipulating the body through space, changing leverage and angles, and using the joints through their full range of motion to develop coordinated and balanced strength.  A push-up is not a push-up. It takes a deep understanding of the body and anatomy to get the full benefits of calisthenics without causing damage to the joints. We use proper biomechanics, the slings of the body, and even physics to develop the body in a progressive and safe manner.  Muscle-ups, front levers, handstand push-ups, shrimp squat, dragon lunge and the like sculpt the body into chiseled perfection.
Animal Flow is a beautiful bodyweight training modality using primarily animal locomotion patterns and flowing forms to correct the mobility issues that plagues the modern human hunched over computer screens and cell phones for the majority of the day.  Moving like a low-slung crocodile to improve hip and shoulder mobility, while strengthening the core musculature in ways that is impossible to do using equipment found at normal gyms.  Movements and transitions that look like they are a combination of Capoeira and breakdancing, mixed in with primal animal grace and control, correct many of the imbalances and mobility issues we face, while making for a training session unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.  Farid Hashemi is a certified Animal Flow Level 2 coach and has been teaching the method with great success to clients of all fitness levels.